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My First CR Video

TheBlastoiseTheBlastoise Posts: 150Administrator
Hey guys,

So I've been pretty distracted with work and other projects and here's one of those now. My first Clash Royale video is up. You can watch it here.

I have also been working on some stuff for the site here, but it's not quite done yet (most of you won't even notice, as it's really better tools for our mods).


  • MathChampMathChamp Posts: 1,720Moderator
    edited August 2018
    I might have watched the video while saying stuff about magic archer placements and not fireballing pumps, but I'm probably worse than you. We might need to do a friendly battle to test that :crsmirk:

    And, I will say that the changes TheBlastoise is making will immensely help us mods and take less time for us mods to do certain things on the forums. Might bring me back from slight inactivity as well (even though I'm posting this when I "shouldn't". College hasn't really started yet, so I still have time in the day to do this).
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  • OmgItsEthanOmgItsEthan Posts: 1,020Member
    This is esports like playing here
    Oh ma gash guys its ya boi Ethan

    Memes are best

    Join the best clan Moonbeam

    Idk what else to put here m8

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