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Dark Crown | New and Need Members | #9GOCRYJL

Vicious6299Vicious6299 Posts: 1Member
Hello! I am the Co-Leader of Dark Crown. We have roughly 12-ish members but sadly most of them are inactive. Me and the leader are on every day him at least once and me multiple times. We would really like to see the clan grown with active members and make a good community. Me and him both are always donating and requesting but sadly we are pretty much the only ones :/ we have been kicking the inactives and now branching out to find new members! We would love to have you as one of the starting members of our clan!

* Required Trophies - 600
* Stay for one day and you get elder
* Once your prescience is known, donations are good, and you have been with us a while, you get Co-Leader!
* Don’t be afraid to say something, but you don’t have
* As long as you keep donations at a good level you can stay, no talking required
>>Message me if you have questions<<
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