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How to fix 4k issue

<p>If you are level 11 or 12, like me, you are stuck between 4k and 4.6k and feel like quitting because you are not getting anywhere. There is nothing to aim for because there are so many level 13s at the top and we are in the final arena. Well I aim to fix this and hopefully you will read and test my ideas. </p><p>Most important thing is the the new reset, which is at 6k. Now this may sound rediculus but it will give players more trophies before things start getting confusing. Also increase the trophies thing you lose the same as you win to 3000(from 2000). (Hopefully that made since)</p><p><br />
If the arenas were to stay the same this would not help at all so the new arena trophies.Also, this a great opportunity to rearrange the arenas.<br />
Goblin stadium:0-500<br />
Bone pit:500-1000<br />
Barbarian bowl:1000-1400<br />
Frozen peak:1400-1800<br />
Spell valley:1800-2200<br />
Jungle:2200-2600<br />
Pekkas playhouse:2600-3000<br />
Builders workshop:3000-3500<br />
Royal arena:3500-4000<br />
Hog temple(renamed from hog mountain) 4000-5000<br />
Legendary Arena:5000+<br />
Challenger 1 6.0k+<br />
Challenger 2 6.2k+<br />
Challenger 3 6.4k+<br />
Master 1 6.6k+<br />
Master 2 6.8k+<br />
Master 3 7k+<br />
Champion 7.2k+<br />
Grand champion 7.4k+<br />
Ultimate Champian 7.6k+</p><p>P.S. if someone were to be at 2k trophies and had level 2 guards, they would not be usable until the player reached 3400 which then they would be usable immediately and be level 2 already. </p><p>Why 6k? This will make it so level 10s and 11 will not be crushed at the start of the season. (the max players should be the only ones in leagues). This will also HELP get rid of the overleveling issue at current Challenger leagues. This will also will create a fairer plying field at 3600+.</p><p>Why new arena boundaries? I want to stay in my arena.<br />
This provides a reasonable goal thoughout the entire playing field. So the game will keep you interest longer. You will also get you cards back when you reach the arena the card is unlocked in without opening a single chest and at the same level they were at before. </p><p>Something else: please bring back free chests. Quests offer something but, it does even compare to free chests. Having both will not hurt the game</p><p>This also adds room for more arenas. Hopefully you like my changes and cosider them. Thanks for reading.<br />
-Lava7171 <br />
If I forgot something please tell me in the comments.</p>
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  • UndeadGodSlayerUndeadGodSlayer Posts: 103Member
    So, you have an issue with it being hard to hit new leagues and arenas... So you make it more trophies to get to each arena? I don't know, im not feeling it.
  • MasterCalMasterCal Posts: 2,356Moderator
    <p>I take it draft chest is 5K now?</p><p>Hog Mountain and Jungle Arena struggle with overleveling too  </p><p> </p><p>Moving to Ideas and Feature Requests</p>

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  • MasterCal wrote: »
    <p>I take it draft chest is 5K now?</p><p>Hog Mountain and Jungle Arena struggle with overleveling too  </p><p> </p><p>Moving to Ideas and Feature Requests</p>

    All arenas struggle overleveling. It's just higher arenas where 2 level differences actually mean something.

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  • AiedailAiedail Posts: 245Member
    Ok so I don't understand where you want to come with this, you want to move up leagues to 6k, a place only a handful of player ever have reached, move the arenas further apart.

    This will not affect overlevelling at all, it will just move up the bar, and make progression feel slower as the arenas are further apart.

    I don't understand this part either
    LAVA7171 wrote: »
    If someone were to be at 2k trophies and had level 2 guards, they would not be usable until the player reached 3400 which then they would be usable immediately and be level 2 already

    Do you mean to lock players cards if you so that if I got a royal arena card and dropped down to Builders workshop that card would be locked? How are you gonna do with legendarys? A legenday chest can contain cards form any arena even thoes you have not yet reached, so if I am in frozen peek and get a legenday from builders workshop i could not use it?

    Also what's you reason to re-arrange the arenas?

    If you're stuck at a specific trophy point, which happens to everyone, everyone is going to plateau. And that's for the simple reason that if they did not they'd just go straight up to Legenday arena.

    So maybe stop complaining and start battling, or if you're completely stuck, do 2v2 for a while and then go back to 1v1.
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  • CarlsonCarlson Posts: 1,060Member
    Here is a better solution to overleveling issues: nerf RG, EB and Mortar as well as minions (minion horde included) and barbs (barb hut included). Please dont say that RG and EB are already dead but they arent. They are too strong.

  • MagmatroidMagmatroid Posts: 35Member
    I think that a level cap would be pretty efficient.
  • killerkiller Posts: 1,202Member
    There needs to be more levels to the season reset. Until then 4k will continue to be a toilet
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  • XypherKid23XypherKid23 Posts: 41Member
    Dude... now way this would ever happen. I'm glad it won't happen because I just got to 3800 and I would have to go a lot more to get to legendary arena. That would be awful!
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