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[SPOILER] 2 ferrell34's card ideas leak - idea thread upcoming this weekend!

ferrell34ferrell34 Posts: 1,420Moderator
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sup mates' ferrell34 here!
It's been awhile since i created a card idea thread - or contributting for IFR, i'd say. But i finally made my mind and decided to loose some time for it, right at this weekend. I know that this thread is abit pointless/ effortless, but my fingers are abit-slippery you know :crsmirk:

Anyway, it'll be most likely that i, at least, "launched" one of these ideas this week. I've crossed my fingers, i promised it'll be not like my last card idea leak: where only 1 card actually showed up out of the 7 cards i "leaked". So, conclusion: all the cards will eventually showed up and one is guaranteed to be on stage this weekend.

Now, since all of that have been said, let's get started:

1. Phantom Valkyrie
Short Desc: "She hides behind her allies - then comes out with a swirl!"
Cost: 4 Elixir ; Rarity: EPIC.
2. Weather Report
Short Desc: "Now broadcasting in the Arena! Turns himself into Mists!"
Cost: 3 Elixir ; Rarity: Rare.

What does this all mean? Let's find out soon, shall we? :smirk:
Thanks for reading mates, have a nice day!
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  • VengeanceVengeance Posts: 1,403Member
    We got more hype :crsmirk:
    Cant wait to see these ideas.
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  • MathChampMathChamp Posts: 1,720Moderator
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    I see the "EPIC" in your post :crsmirk:. If I were to guess, the first one will be first based on your hyping of the card through its rarity.
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  • ferrell34ferrell34 Posts: 1,420Moderator
    who knows @MathChamp ? Maybe i'd post the second one because you called it :crsmirk:
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  • KN11F3DKN11F3D Posts: 215Member
    Looking forward to the hype train :wink:
    I can only guess what might be involved with these units,, but we'll see those predictions when the time is right
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  • HarryTTLHarryTTL Posts: 663Member
    CHOO CHOO! Hop on the hype train.
    This week:
    All credits go to JCTTEH THE WISE
    My Theory Thread:
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