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RTW_Legion is Recruiting! 4300+ Trophies, War Clan!

BeerBeer Posts: 1Member
```Welcome to the RTW_Legion clan family. We are an established clan with a fun, mature, active & committed group of gamers.

We are a haven for gamers that are looking for a fun and chill clan. Our community is very friendly and welcoming of new faces. We share strategy, decks,friend links, boast about our loot and much more in our discord server. We have and will continue to grow and evolve with ClashRoyale.

We are a very competitive clan, seeking skilled players

Trophy minimum is 4,300, RTW_Legion , tag#P9PYC89Y
We have 2,851 clan war trophies.
45K clan score
English speaking.
10 spots available.

[If you are familiar with discord and would like to check out the vibe before joining our very competitive clan you are welcome to join our discord server](


*Be Active in Clan Chat, Donations, Clan War, etc.

* Must communicate

* Be Friendly

* Be Mature

* Prefer daily players


* Participate During Clan War

* No Disrespecting Clan Mates

* No BM’ing Clan Mates

* No Spamming Clan Chat

**What You Can Expect From Us**

* Donation Requests Filled Quickly

* Friendly Battles At Almost Any Hour
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