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[Card Idea] Weather Report

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sup mates' ferrell34 here!

Welcome to my latest card idea thread, Weather Report !
You may have seen the card and design of this idea a few days ago, and i'm terribly sorry of my "Supercell" move. I shouldn't have released an unfinished product and promised knowing that my weekend's are going to be so busy. What a foolish act! I shall taste the wrath of the 9th Titans!

Anyway, without further ado, here it is!

Weather Report is now Broadcasting – at the Arena! This time, he makes himself invicible to ranged Enemy Troops. He did forecast that it’s going to be Foggy!

Card Image
Card Image: ferrell34
Website used: Clash Royale Card Maker

Main Idea

The main inspiration of Weather Report is a glass cannon that has ressistant againts another glass cannon that costs pretty cheap. Weather Report is a regular troop with a moderate health, speed, damage and range. What makes him so special is that he can hide himself – like Royal Ghost, and immune to damage – like Bandit while dashing. This ability will be pictured as Weather Report turning into a Mist.

Weather Report turns into a Mist when enemy troops enters his dead zone. Dead zone is a particular range inside a unit’s range where they can’t attack. The only existing unit that possess this condition is Mortar. So, when Weather Report turns into a Mist he’ll be:

1. Invisible : He can’t be targeted by enemy Buildings nor Troops when turned into a Mist.
2. Invicible : While turned into a Mist, Weather Report can’t receive any damage.
3. Harmless : Weather Report cannot attack in any form when turned into a Mist, completely harmless.
4. Immobilized : Weather Report cannot move a tile while on the Mist form.

Weather Report can return to his original form when the enemy leaves his dead zone, either by dying or walking off of it.

Balancing and Comparison

The stats are already shown in the image above, but just in case to clarify things, I’ll write down them here along with it’s hidden stats and comparison with similiar cards:

Main Stats (Tournament Standart)
Hitpoints: 794 | Damage: 216 | DPS: 180 | Hitspeed: 1.2 sec | Targets: Ground | Range: 2.5 | Speed: Medium | Deploy Time: 1 sec |

Hidden Stats
Weight: Light | Sight Range: 5.5 | Dead Zone radius: 3-5.5 | Initial Attack Speed: 0.7 sec | Time to Transform: 0.5 sec | Transport: Ground | Count: 1x |

Menu Stats
Cost: 3 Elixir | Type: Troop | Rarity: Rare |

Stats Comparison (Tournament Standart)

Hitpoints: His health is slightly lower than Royal Ghost (1000) – and a little bit higher than Bandit (780). He took around 9 shots from CT to die.

Damage/DPS: His damage is the same amount as Royal Ghost, which is slightly higher than Bandit (160). But his DPS is the highest out of them all, with Bandit being 160 and Royal Ghost being 180. However, in terms of lefted alone to the Tower – I believe Weather Report deals the least amount of damage compared to Bandit and Royal Ghost. Since he doesn’t have any invisibility againts Buildings.


With all of that being said, how should we used him properly in game? Here’s my theory:

1. Defense

Weather Report has a pretty reliable DPS and Range, which makes him an option to take care of Building Targeting units. Other than that, Glass Cannons. However, make sure to place him in a proper range where he doesn’t turn into a Mist.

It may seem that his Mist ability is only a bad thing for defense, but it’s not. You can try to “invest” Weather Report from the back for upcoming units.

TL;DR: Regular Glass Cannon Defense and Keeping the Lane safe from upcoming Threat Cards.

2. Offense

Weather Report Mist ability will come very handy in Offense. As first of all, his ability makes him unpullable by enemy troops such as Ice Golem. Bandit, Knight, Valkyrie and Royal Ghost all are countered when kited by Ice Golem into the other lane but not Weather Report. As he would stay in place and be invicible since kiting troops with an Ice Golem will require an amount of distance. Pretty nuts if you ask me.

The Second use of Weather Report’s Mist ability is that he can’t be countered by ranged glass cannons. When Weather Report connects to the tower, your opponent’s first thought would be taking care of him since he’ll wreck their tower. But if they don’t have anything other than Musketeer, Wizard, etc. they’re screwed. Since it’d be useless to use them from far, as Weather Report will hide and be invicible until they walk off from his dead zone. So, they might place their Musketeer and Wizard close to the Weather Report and this is where your big spell comes in action.

Without his ability, Weather Report is a pretty handy troop for the cost. He’s able to take care of Goblins/ Bandit/Spear Goblins/Archers/Ice Golem all by himself in a push, but definitely not the combination of two or more.

TL;DR: Unpullable by Ice Golem, Difficult to Counter with Ranged Glass Cannon.

3. Countering

Weather Report’s ability seems like a pain to deal with from first glimpse, but it’s actually an ability full of holes. Here’s the reason why:

1. His ability doesn’t support a push very well. Just place/ have any troop away from distance and he’s “disabled”. Which makes him pretty bad in pushes, but if he truly was used in a push you should just place a reliable ranged glass cannon to deal with units other than Weather Report like Wizard, Sparky, etc. and that’s it. Not to mention againts Spawners.

2. His ability makes him so vulnarable to moving spells, especially Tornado. When you have Tornado in hand and you see your opponent uses Weather Report on defense, pull that Weather Report to the place where his dead zone touches your troops.

TL;DR: Use reliable ranged Glass Cannons, Use Moving Spells.

Deck Recommendations

Deck 1: It's Raining Trees! (Cycle)
Weather Report - Fireball - Log - Tornado - Princess - Guards - Goblin Barrel - Minions | Elixir Rate: 3.0 |
Deck 2: There's a War out there! (Bridge Spam)
Weather Report - Cannon Cart - Zap - Poison - Log - Baby Dragon - Battle Ram - Bats | Elixir Rate: 3.3 |


Weather Report is a slightly ranged glass cannon that goes invicible but harmless when enemy troops are in his sight but outranged. His capabilities are good againts any archetype, but useless when used in a push or protecting a unit such as Siege units and Tanks. He’ll be most likely used in Bridge Spam, Control and Cycle.

What do you think of Weather Report? Leave your feedbacks below!
Thank you for reading mates; Have a nice day! :+1:
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