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5 New Challenge Ideas!

LostParadiseLostParadise Posts: 997Member
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This one is identical to the regular Draft Challenge,but with a revamped drafting mechanic.

At the beginning of the match,there are 2 phases where players choose their cards.

Phase 1 (45 secs)

You're supposed to choose one among THREE cards showing up,instead of two.You keep the card you choose and the rest are sent to the enemy to choose at the Phase 2.

You get a total of 4 cards at Phase 1.

Phase 2 (30 secs)

This time you choose one from each pair of cards the enemy sent to you from his Phase 1.The card that isn't picked is discarded.


At phase 1,the first trio of cards that show up are Executioner - Bowler - Wizard.You pick the Exe,he gets added to your deck and the other cards are sent to the opponent.He will see them at the next phase.

You draft from 3 more trio's of cards and wait for the opponent to finish this phase.

At the beginning of the Phase 2,Bowler and Wizard appears at the opponent's screen (which you've given at the first part).He chooses Wizard and adds the card into his deck.Bowler is discarded.

(+Minimalistic QoL Idea: In the normal draft challenge,after the drafting part is over,your WHOLE deck flashes at the screen before the match begins)


The towers are replaced with targets,which are essentially towers that don't shoot.A simplistic mode,but would require some serious defensive skills since you have to respond to EVERYTHING,even a single skeleton,before it does too much damage.It's kinda like touchdown in that aspect.

(Note: If KT sniping ends up being OP,then the KT's health might be buffed in this mode)


This is not related to the Lightning card,but rather to the Lightning Chest.You get a random deck at the start,and have 30 seconds to use your 5 strikes to replace the cards you don't want with random others.I'm not going into detail since it's exactly the same as the Lightning Chest mechanic.


You're fighting in an extremely rainy night...

In this mode,you're unable to see the board for most of the time.Actually,you'll only see it for 2-3 seconds every now and then (that's when a lightning strikes and provides you light),and when it's pure darkness,you can only see your hand along with a small circular area around your towers (which have candles on them).You can always deploy your cards normally.

It's still possible to tell which cards the enemy has deployed,from their deployment sound.Though you won't know where they are till the next lightning.


This one doesn't alter the game mechanics,but the rewarding scheme of tournaments.

Here's how it works: You have a total of 12 matches.When you win,your rewards increase and you lose 1 match.When you lose,your rewards stay the same but you still lose 1 match.Draws will count as if you didn't do that match at all.

You already lost 3 times? Doesn't matter,you will continue playing until you run out of matches.

However,as told at the start,this comes with a consequence.If you get a low amount of wins,you'll receive WAY lower rewards than you would in a classic challenge.You must get at least 8 wins to get value out of this.That's because early wins have little impact on the rewards,while the latter ones increase them rapidly.Seems identical to the CC,but this is a MUCH more extreme example (and it also has nearly no guaranteed rewards).

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  • JcttehTheWiseJcttehTheWise Posts: 2,000Moderator
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    Draft Xtreme

    Pretty simplistic but can be interesting. I think it could work out better at 2v2. The only problema that could rise is with cards that because of their mechanic just cannot be paired with other 2 (right now I can think about Balloon).

    Target practise

    I find it way too similar to Touchdown, card interactions wouldn't change very much comparing the two gamemodes. The only different thing would be that Hog wouldn't be banned.

    Lightning challenge

    I think, in order to reduce the dependence of luck, the starting deck should be equal to both players, just like Mirror mode. In that way, your lightnings should be used to those cards that can be easily countered and keep those key cards with low counters. Or at least I'd prefer that instead of something like "Opponent got PEKKA, MniniPEKKA and Inferno Tower and I can just reach the tower with beatdown".

    Dark Mode

    I like the mechanic of darkness and lightnings to bright out the arena temporaly (perfect for jungle arena) but what happens with fire cards? Shouldn't they bright? Or the darkness is "so strong and evil that even the most shiny star cannot bright" or something like that? Not sure how to apply that.

    Match cap

    I think this challenge style could be even more tilting than the current 3 defeats-you're out system. Basically, you should offer a price for those who win all 12 matches, and with just 1 defeat that price is no longer yours. It's like when you loose 11-3 a challenge where all the other rewards are ok but you don't get the final reward (e.g legendary chest/new card), with the only difference that all is over with just 1 defeat. Maybe that could be fixed by putting the max reward at 9 wins, but doesn't convince me, after all it seems quite unfair if I win 12 times but I get the same reward as somebody who has lost 3 times...

    End of the review
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  • HarryTTLHarryTTL Posts: 663Member
    Draft Xtreme
    Good in general but worse than other modes in the list. And are 3 cards in the same card category (Ex: all are tanks) or different types of card?
    Target practise
    Not the most exiting mode I could imagine. I would prefer 5 targets with same HP, every time a target break everything reset except the HP on remaining targets.
    Lightning Mode
    I love this idea, however both players should get a mirror deck or decks with similiar cards instead of two entirely different decks.
    Dark Mode
    Remind me of rain mode in PvZ original. I love this mode, however fast troops are deadly. And like Jctteh said, will fire troops glow? And the elixer production speed should be boost so fast troops won't be so dangerous.
    Match Cap
    I don't have much to say about this mode but draw don't count bug me. Then most player would play defensive deck.
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