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New card

lonely293lonely293 Posts: 1Member
edited September 2018 in Ideas & Feature Requests
New card is AXE! he is melee and range attacker both. Aim ground troops, single target,epic, 4 cost elexir.xmz6e4oc4fa4.png


  • KN11F3DKN11F3D Posts: 215Member
    This isn't too special to be honest; it's essentially a Knight on full sprint, with a ranged attack that is weaker than a Musketeer. I'm also presuming that if he isn't facing enemies, he attacks the tower at melee range instead, which is only as effective as one Elite Barbarian, which equates to 3 elixir.
    I will say, he has a unique advantage/disadvantage where he can be distracted no matter how close he is to the tower, if he hasn't connected yet. This can either mean that he can't finish the tower in a clutch situation, but he can also attack enemies behind his back before he gets on with the next job at hand. This is similar to the Royal Ghost where enemies have to be wary when placing down their defending cards, whether they want them to be targeted or not.

    I would also want to point out on the actual card design with a couple of tips; first of all, the description of the card isn't a long description of how the card works. It's a short and simple brief on what the card does, with maybe a bit of humour hinted in. If it goes beyone 6 lines of text, you would likely have gone too far.
    Second thing is the math. 116 damage every 0.7 seconds isn't 135DPS; it's 165DPS. The Musketeer for comparison has 160DPS and the Knight has 139DPS. This should give you a good idea on how powerful it is.

    Speaking of which, the only powerful stat this thing has is its health in comparison to its speed. It will deal a big chunk of damage if left alone, however I think it needs a bit of a rework, which you may or may not agree with:
    Hit Points Decreased by 5.4% (1280)
    Elixir Cost Decreased to 3
    This would essentially mean that he is a lower damaging, lower cost Lumberjack that can be distracted easier, without the Rage ability, but can definitely put people off guard with his added troop specific ranged attacks.

    Hope this helped :crsmirk:
    - KN11F3D
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