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New clan started. Search CHACHKI #P9U92V2G

ChachkiChachki Posts: 5Member
edited September 2018 in Clan Chat
Hello, I'm a good, regular 4000+ player looking for players to join my new clan. Looking for daily donators and clan war participants once we get there. I'm nice so I won't kick you out if you have a bad day :) I'm improving and hoping to make my way through the challenger levels. Search CHACHKI (#P9U92V2G) if you are interested. Willing to promote the right players.


  • MojojojoMojojojo Posts: 100Member
    In case you wanna merge with us... 5 friends and I (4K+ trophies) just started MONEYSAUCE.

    First 10 members will get elder. We currently at 7 members, so daily wars coming soon.

    Clan Name: MONEYSAUCE
    Clan Tag: #9C2UL22Y
    Required Trophies: 0000
    Location: International

    Everyone is welcome :)
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