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[Recruiting][3000] Yea Boyz #9R9PL2YC | Constant war | Requests filled | Adult

trulstruls Posts: 4Member
edited October 2018 in Clan Chat
Yea Boyz are an adult and closeknit clan based in the USA. Our goal is to have a clan that is competitive and actively manages people that participate in wars but don't take the war attack, but also puts an emphasis on enjoying the game versus being competitive to trophy grind.

Earlier we have spent a long time trying to find a clan that meets that balance and hopefully our clan meet that balance.

Rules are simple: no racism and if you choose to participate in war you must take all three collection hits and the war attack. The path for promotion is simple: war often and be active in chat!

We have experienced players and active card donators. Check us out at:

Have fun and enjoy the game!


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