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Victory Gold & Gemless Tourneys

Yesterday I realized that winning matches in the gemless tourneys will grant you victory gold.

Has anyone else noticed this?

Also, how long has this been a thing?

For those who don't know what I am talking about, victory gold is the gold you get for winning a match. It used to be specifically for ladder, then also for 2v2.

You can get victory gold up to 20 times in a 24 hr period.
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    Well, you still got a victory :crsmirk: so the victory gold applies.

    Only training camp (CMIIW) doesn't give victory gold (because you're playing against an algorithm and not a real player)

    10-gem tournaments got added in the last update (September). The "zero rewards" are pertaining to the chests you usually get in custom tournaments for finishing Top 20%. There are no gem less tournies.

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