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Time to talk about two reworks for two trash cards

JcttehTheWiseJcttehTheWise Posts: 2,019Moderator
edited October 2018 in Card Balance Discussion
Soooo… I wanted to share with you guys these two reworks, the first one took from R*ddit (there's no link because I couldn't find the thread sorry) and the other one from my own creation:

Ebarbs: change speed from very fast to fast, damage increased from 254 to 299 (18%)

Ebarbs shouldn't be a brigde spam card but a fast counterpusher. Their current movement speed allows them to work as that, since opponent has no much time to react, specially with rage. The speed nerf will make Ebarbs less effective on offense, but to compensate this, their damage will be buffed, enough to kill fireballies with two swings (which is kinda like 1Hit KO since both Ebarbs attack). In that way, they can be really worthy to defend a tank + glass cannon behind it.

Sparky: damage increased from 1100 to 1660 (50%), added crown tower damage penalty of 50%

The trash can on wheels, despite her massive damage, struggles against big tanks, since each blast doesn't deny enough HP to be worthy, since she's constantly zapped (I'm not sure if this should be also removed, just as zappies) and most of the time only hits the tank 1 time before support destroys her. This change lets Sparky kill Giant with only two blasts and almost golem as well (with help of arena tower). On top of that, she'll also be able to get rid of MiniPEKKA, Knight and Valkyrie with only 1 shot, interaction that reduces the huge number of counters she unfortuntely has. To compensate this massive damage increase, she'll have a crown tower damage penalty too keep her damage to arena tower as it is right now. After all, we want Sparky to shine on defense right?

What do you think? Are these changes a good idea? Don't be shy and share your opinions about this!
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  • GiorgakisGiorgakis Posts: 3,161Member
    If I wanted to make Sparky defensive, I would rather give her something like a 0.5 s attack speed with a low amount of damage. But she is weak mostly in offense, so it is better to simply increase her damage by a noticable amount. (like 100 extra damage).

    The offensive stats are Damage and Move Speed while the defensive stats are Hitpoints and Attack Speed. So if you want to make cards more defensive, buff Hitpoints or Attack Speed instead.

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  • FusionBoltFusionBolt Posts: 179Member
    I like the crown tower damage idea. Ebarbs should stay at very fast, because nerfing them to just a fast speed makes the threat more controllable. Maybe an initial attack speed nerf.
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  • KN11F3DKN11F3D Posts: 215Member
    I had already expressed in a previous post that the Elite Barbarian change would be overpowered for the fact that most of the hard counters would die to one more hit, or even be destroyed completely. And when there are two barbarians there, it could shave off a lot of time spent attacking and get to your tower faster. Too fast.
    I had already posted what I would change it to in the Elite Barbarian (One and Only Discussion), which was:
    Hit Points Increased by 2.4% (994)
    Hit Speed Increased to 1.3 seconds
    Damage Decreased by 15% (220)
    DPS is the same as before.

    Although this would mean that units can take one more hit, there are two barbarians there. While some units could use this to their advantage, not all of them can if they're double teamed. I left all of the cards it affects in that thread.

    As for the Sparky changes, I'm not sure where we are quite going, not with the concept of the change, but the amount. 1660 seems a little too high, even if you are facing a Golem user. If that were the case, I would change it to 1420. At least then you have some units you can use to block, because otherwise Beatdown, Swarms and Zap Bait will be dominant in the meta.

    Then we move on to crown tower damage; good on paper, but I don't think it's necessary. For reference, it's a 2.8x multiplier for crown tower damage; try it with the spells to see what I mean. (Example: Zap - 159/56)
    Even then, with either the 50% (830) or the proper multiplier (592), she can't even 3 hit the Arena Tower (2534). What is the point of landing those shots if they aren't going to be worth it in comparison to say the Giant Skeleton or PEKKA?

    To Giorgakis: That concept, which I see everywhere, ruins the point if the card. Plus I seen another problem; it will make her completely zap proof, which removes the effectiveness of the Electro Wizard completely. What I mean by this is that Sparky can get two to three hits before he even gets one, and even dies to him.
    For reference, at a 0.5 second hit speed, providing her DPS is the same, she would be dealing 137 damage every 0.5 seconds, or 5 hitting him. If you ever seen the 'funny complications' where Sparky tries to aim at a Graveyard and ends up rapid firing, that's the sort of thing you're going for.

    I actually have two sets of changes for Sparky up for discussion that I want to share:
    Change 1: Hit Points Increased by 4.5% (1254), Damage Increased by 4.5% (1150)
    The damage deals with the Mini PEKKA accordingly (1129)
    Change 2: Movement Speed to Medium
    Seems subtle, but allowing less time to counter her with regular units could work well with certain combos outside of Beatdown.

    - KN11F3D
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