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The Heavy Elite Barbarian. Warning: Controversial Card Idea

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I have yet another card to share. Although this one will be controversial for sure. It is the Heavy Elite Barbarian, who is even stronger than the Elite Barbarians, yet another controversial card

Cost: 7 Elixir
Hitpoints: 1350
Damage: 410
Speed: Hyper Fast (180 m/min)
Attack Period: 1.6 s
Rarity: Common

What is special about this card
Nothing is special about this card. But he has perfect stats. His Speed is the highest of all troops in the game and just barely slower than the Log and Garbarian Barrel. His damage is higher than the Prince, allowing him to OHKO a Bomber and 2HKO the Hunter and Night Witch. As for his hitpoints, they are higher than Sparky so he can survive a Rocket. The Mini PEKKA will have to hit him 3 times in order to KO him.

Offensive Capabilities
Since he has the highest speed in the game, he can rush to the tower insanely fast. However he is really easy to beat if you react fast enough. He is far better than what Elite Barbarians are, outclassing them entirely. Even if Rage is used on them, they will still be slower than the Heavy Elite Barbarian. They outperform him in dealing damage to the tower but he is far safer for tower connections

In terms of spell interactions, he can survive every single. When 2 spells are used together, then a Rocket with a Giant Snowball can KO him. But that is a negative Elixir Trade of -1.

Defensive Capabilities
Unfortunately, he is too expensive for defensive plays. PEKKA is far tankier so she is the better defensive pick. Same goes for Mega Knight. Even the Elite Barbarians are better in defense due to higher Attack Frequency and there is simply 2 of them as opposed to 1 Heavy Elite Barbarian

How to counter this card
Just like Elite Barbarians, he is weak to Swarms and PEKKA. Prince can beat him in a duel too. The best counter to him though is Barbarians as they output more damage than him (606>375) and he cannot OHKO each one. By using Elite Barbarians against him you have 508 over 375, so each one has to attack 3 times, similarly to Barbarians. None of the will die but they are more expensive, so only do that if you have another win condition in your deck.

How much controversial is he

Worship the 9 Titans (Golem, PEKKA, Lava Hound, Dragon, Giant Skeleton, Scorcher, Super PEKKA, Electro Dragon, Goblin Giant)
Their card
Obey the 4 Immortal Armies (Skeleton Army, Minion Horde, Goblin Gang, Critter Swarm)
Teach the 12 Titan Babies (Golemite, Mini PEKKA, Baby Dragon, Lava Pup, Sparky, Inferno Dragon, Ice Golem, Balloon, Cannon Cart, Dropship, Flying Machine, Deployable Turret)
Protect the 12 Peasants (Skeletons, Goblins, Spear Goblins, Minions, Bats, Critters, Fire Spirits, Ice Spirits, Crystal Critters, Critter Bats, Explosive Drones, Beta Minion)
Babysit the Titan Grandchild (Zappy)

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