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This thread will be added to the Ultimate Forum Guide. While it doesn't show how to use/navigate the forums necessarily, it is a good spot to give someone a link if they need one (like for example if they need to contact Supercell Support one could provide that link from this thread).

Main Forum Rules

Supercell forums

r/ClashRoyale: The official discusison site for Supercell. Known here as "the enemy country."

Official Clash Royale Reddit Account. Used by CMs Tim, Chon (unconfirmed), and Drew.

Seth[Supercell]'s (TheRumHam) Reddit Account.

Supercell official website

Supercell Terms of Service

Clash Royale official website

Clash Royale Player Support

Clash Royale Wiki


Stats Royale


Clash Royale YouTube Channel

Clash Royale Twitter page

Community Royale Discord Server


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