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Does Royal Hog take skill to play?

I am try to practice to play and counter Royal Hog. I feel like there are not many things that I need to learn about this card.

It feels like it is just about choosing split push or one lane push and that is it. This card is rather expensive and does not need to play to outcycle the counter. Many counters to this card are immune to spell (e.g. Valk, MK), there is no need to do any spell/combo prediction. It is not a big tank, so there is no need to trade a ton of tower damage for a huge push.

This card simply does not feel too interesting to learn. If I know how to use the other support cards in a RH deck, then I know the deck already.

Does anyone have a RH deck that is powerful and interesting and take some practice to get used to?


  • JcttehTheWiseJcttehTheWise Posts: 1,974Moderator
    I think royal hogs are kinda like hog rider (mechanically talking): you invest elixir on a push that cannot get rid of defense by itself but can be really fast and painful. The only difference is the counters.
    About learning something by using the card, I think RH 3m decks teaches you to bait the counter of one win con to take advantage with your other win con.
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  • aaaashanghaiaaaashanghai Posts: 2Member
    Strategies about royal hogs are comparatively rare, as far as I'm concerned. But I think knowing when and how to split the four hogs into two lanes might be a crucial part of its gameplay.
  • killerkiller Posts: 1,163Member
    I use this deck which I think is versatile:
    Gob gang

    Whether or not to split the hogs or not is situational.
    Two decks:
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