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Is double prince (giant) deck still viable after electro dragon release

I have invested a lot of time to upgrade max giant , MM ,lvl 12 poison
now I can upgrade prince to lvl 12 and dark prince to lvl 11 because I think it's very good ladder deck
But electro dragon wrecks this deck because of stunting giant + prince + support
and poison isn't fast enough.
So I think it's reasonable NOT to invest in prince.


  • JcttehTheWiseJcttehTheWise Posts: 2,018Moderator
    Then bring an Edrag counter such as Lightning or long ranged troops such as flying machine or magic archer.

    By chance, I recently made a Goblin Giant double prince Edrag deck that works very well for me...
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  • aaaashanghaiaaaashanghai Posts: 2Member
    I would say yes, personally. For the first, elctro-dragons might not be that popular, and due to its weakness in pushing as well as being too high cost for its low DPS, so I believe only several control decks would take it.
    For the second, the lightening spell really acts well against electro dragon, and if electro dragons happen to become prevelant, we could actually replace the fireball or poison with the lightening spell, which will offer a very nice counter.
    Another reason is that I admit the giant-prince pushing is a very efficient combo as well as the primary winning condition, yet I would say that it isn't the only winning condition, and a prince-bat (or prince-spear goblin, whatever) combo also works well, especially against those control decks, so even if our opponents' deck includes the electro dragon, we still do stand a fighting chance.

    Yet I believe the giant-double price deck is no longer an op, at least for another several months. The great nerf in the prince and dark prince makes them far easier to counter. But still it is a deck quite interesting to play, and remains one of my favorites.
  • micsfyuenmicsfyuen Posts: 753Member
    I think Giant Double Prince is not that good now, or may be it is just me not able to use it well.

    It is really difficult to beat the PEKKA meta.

    Sometimes I want Lightning, but sometimes I want Poison, it feels like the Spell set up sometimes works, sometimes doesn’t.

    There are not many passive options in the first two minutes, facing so many random off meta decks on ladder is particularly tough.

    It relies heavily on epic, max the deck would take forever.

  • MasterCalMasterCal Posts: 2,364Moderator
    You probably will not see many EDragons on Ladder. I've only played against one or two since its release.

    Anyways if you're good with the deck, I'd stick with it

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