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I am Clash of Clans Community Manager Darian - Ask Me Anything

BansisinghBansisingh Posts: 1Member
Hey Clashers, I am Clash of Clans Community Manager Darian Vorlick, at Superell in Helsinki, Finland. It's been a while since our last Reddit AMA and we're sure you have a ton of Clash of Clans questions for us since we've introduced the Clan Games and have a ton of new content slated for this year - some of which we'll hopefully discuss tonight.

We also have an exclusive announcement for Reddit! Yes, we're sharing this with you first, before we've announced it anywhere else - the next content update next month will be Builder Hall level 8 - but there'll be a ton of new content in there as well apart from the Builder Base release. We can discuss this in the AMA!

It's currently 6:10pm in Helsinki. I'll let the questions populate for a bit and will begin answering them at 7:00pm. Looking forward to your questions!


  • ShaggsShaggs Posts: 559Member
    This dude lost?..... He took a wrong turn somewhere.
  • FusionBoltFusionBolt Posts: 179Member
    I have a question. Why are you on a Clash Royale forum?
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    Builder Hall 8 has been in the game for months.

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