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House of Doom is recruiting

DeathByZethDeathByZeth Posts: 1Member
Hello, I’m the leader of the Clash Royale clan House of Doom. We are currently rebuilding the clan after having an internal struggle where half our members left to form a new clan. We were once big and a force to be reckoned, but now have to recruit new members. Ultimately we are trying to get enough actives to be back in the Wars. With the clan split and inactive people we are a few members short to be able to make it into Wars and we want to get back at it! We try to also have mostly adult members as our language can be a bit colorful sometimes and have some strong language, but it’s not a requirement, just a preference.

Here are our requirements:

-English speaking members only (increases the sense of community when we all speak the same language)

-1400+ trophies (we are not denying requests from members to accept lower trophy level friends.. we all know someone who just started and isn’t up there quite yet in trophies, ask any time to bring in a friend and we will definitely make it happen)

-MUST donate. Even if it’s not a huge amounts active members prove to be active by participating in the clan. We clean the clan list regularly and if we see inactives (who haven’t given us a heads up they are taking a break or won’t be on much) we will inevitably kick. We want in Wars again, so we don’t want to fill the clan with inactives because that doesn’t help us make it into wars.

-MUST BE FRIENDLY. This one Is huge for us. I want to see people talking, joking, having fun or even just discussing decks and stuff. We are an active clan we want to make a Clash Family! Which means when you get online say hello to everyone. Ask how people are doing today. Play some clan matches for fun... that kind of stuff

Send us a request! Clan tag #YUPR9G
What makes a good Clash royale clan?
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