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Next Update Needs To Be A Game Changer.

I'm a big fan of CR and really want to see the game thrive. Unfortunately, it seems like many people are losing interest and the popularity of the game is definitely on the decline. The game for me has become very stale. While the past few updates have been somewhat helpful for deck upgrades, they have done nothing to make the game more interesting. There have been no new features or game modes,

I feel like the game is in a spot where a big update is needed. Supercell really hasn't delivered a great update for a while. Sure, trade tokens were nice. But after a week or two of excitement (and everyone looking for the same cards) it's just back to the up and down of ladder. Clan Wars is ok, but the awful matchmaking just makes people frustrated.

It's time for Supercell to deliver one of those great updates like they used to in the early days.


  • JcttehTheWiseJcttehTheWise Posts: 1,944Moderator
    Players complain about the game being stale for about a year. The lastest new original gamemode we had was Touchdown, and a lot of players hated it (still wondering why). Maybe Supercell is simply scared of adding completely new features and they prefer "new" gamemodes that are basically rehashes or the current ones.

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  • killerkiller Posts: 1,149Member
    Its not new modes that are needed. The reason the game is stale imo is the metas so slowly change. Unless you spend hundreds of dollars, which most of us don’t, you can’t change decks. So you largely play the same decks over and over. Even when they introduce new cards, it might take a year until most people can use them.

    My last 12 matches in my alt acct at 4100-
    6 hogs (50%)
    5 overleveled ebarbs (approx 40%)
    4 pekkas (33%)
    2 megaknights

    These are the same cards that have been dominant here for months. I played a lot of classic challenges and tourneys yesterday and saw all pekka, hog, logbait and megaknight. Very similar to ladder.

    No new modes are going to change the monotony of hog, ebarb, pekka, hog, ebarb, pekka.....
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  • DeltaDroid4DeltaDroid4 Posts: 60Member
    The rearrangement of the cards earned in each arena and the change in the season reset were big changes, but it'll be a long time before these changes become visible on the ladder and influence the meta (and even then, 4000 will still be a wall of overlevellers).

    What are you looking for in a game-changing update? We don't need another new gamemode as we received Clan Wars which wasn't really an original gamemode and before that, the disaster of Touchdown. A huge rework and changes to many card stats could certainly shake up the meta but that would be an extremely risky move on Supercell's part that would certainly receieve much backlash.

    Or they could just remove 2v2 ;)
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