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More Building Cards

Buildings are not really liked by any player. Nor from Supercell themselves because all of them have been nerfed a ton, especially the Devil (Cannon) and since May 5th 2016, which is more than 2.5 years, there has not been a single building released to the game. Here I am with some ideas for them. Most of them are borrowed from CoC and BB.

1) Boom Cannon
This building has nothing special to it. It is just a Cannon with very high Damage and low Attack Frequency.It can be used as a slower alternative to the Inferno Tower that cannot be reseted. While it is better against Glass Cannons unlike the Inferno Tower, it is absolutely weak against Swarms. It can only attack Ground Troops so Lava Hounds are still safe from this.

Cost: 5 Elixir
Damage: 800
Hitpoints: 1600
Attack Period: 3.5 seconds
Range: 6 meters
Lifetime: 50 seconds
Rarity: Rare or Epic

2) Crusher
Another building that only attacks Ground Troops. Its only special is that it has a 2π rad Splash, which means that it can attack everything that is behind it too. However it has really low Range so cards like Bowler, Wizard and Dart Goblin can outrange it entirely. In that case, you will need to use Tornado to counter these troops which will result in a negative or even bad Elixir trade.

Cost: 5 Elixir
Damage: 434
Hitpoints: 2200
Attack Period: 4 seconds
Range: 3 meters
Lifetime: 60 seconds
Rarity: Epic

3) Microwaver
Another building that has a 2π rad Splash. Unlike the previous one, this one can attack Air Troops and has much higher Range. But it has really low Damage and its Range is much to be desired

Cost: 5 Elixir
Damage: 25
Hitpoints: 1700
Attack Period: 0.2 seconds
Range: 5 meters
Lifetime: 40 seconds
Rarity: Legendary

4) Rocket Launcher
This building has really high Range. As such it can also be used offensively to attack Princess Towers. But its low Damage and Blind Spot makes it extremely weak to defenders. What is special about this one is that it can attack 6 times before it requires to reload again. Unlike the other Siege buildings, it will completely ignore an attacking Royal Giant due to its Blind Spot

Cost: 6 Elixir
Damage per Rocket: 50
Damage per Volley: 300
Hitpoints: 1600
Attack Period: 0.3 seconds
Reload Period: 4 seconds
Range: 13 meters
Blind Spot Range: 5 meters
Lifetime: 50 seconds
Rarity: Epic or Legendary

5) Barbarian Launcher
Yet another Siege card. Unlike the others, it does not attack normally. Instead it simply throw a Barbarian to the other side of the Arena. The Barbarian that spawns from each volley is the same Level as the building itself. The building can only target other buildings but the Barbarian can attack any Ground Troop instead. But if it targets the Princess Tower, then expect the Barbarian to lock to it anyway. It is really weak to the Bomb Tower and the already mentioned Crusher.

Cost: 7 Elixir
Hitpoints: 1932
Attack Period: 5 seconds
Range: 11 meters
Lifetime: 60 seconds
Rarity: Epic

6) Grappler
This building is essentially a Tornado that can only pull one troop at a time. Due to this, it will have really low Damage, as it is mostly useful for its utility. Use it to instantly pull Giants, Hog Riders and even Royal Giants to the kill zone. It also has high Range that allows it to attack the Princess Tower. However it cannot pull any building. And even then it does so little Damage, that it will be unreliable for a Siege card

Cost: 5 Elixir
Damage: 35
Hitpoints: 2500
Attack Period: 3 seconds
Range: 11 meters
Blind Spot Range: 3 meters
Lifetime: 30 seconds
Rarity: Legendary

7) S.I.M.O. Tower
This building has an interesting type of targetting. It will always prioratise the troop with the lowest Hitpoints. Due to this, certain Beatdown combos like Giant Musketeer, PEKKA Baby Dragon and Golem Mega Minion will be heavily weakened. Also if a troop with lower Hitpoints enters its Range, then it will instantly retarget to that troop, making retartgetting with Zap pointless.

Cost: 4 Elixir
Damage: 350
Hitpoints: 1200
Attack Period: 2 seconds
Range: 9 meters
Lifetime: 35 seconds
Rarity: Epic or Legendary

8) Double Cannon
This is pretty similar to the Rocket Launcher, as it will attack 4 times before it requires to reload again. Really useful at destroying Glass Cannons. It is weak to Swarms and it can only attack Ground Troops

Cost: 4 Elixir
Damage per Bomb: 150
Damage per Volley: 600
Hitpoint: 1030
Attack Period: 0.5 seconds
Reload Period: 4 seconds
Range: 4.5 meters
Lifetime: 35 seconds
Rarity: Common or Rare

9) Flamethrower
Another splasher that can attack Air Troops. It will also burn enemies while it is attacking dealing extra Damage. The Burn will last for 5 seconds. It has low Range so Sparky and Flying Machine can outrange it. And do not dare to bring them closer to it with Tornado, especially Royal Giant and Sparky.

Cost: 4 Elixir
Damage: 45
Burn Damage: 45
Hitpoints: 1267
Attack Period: 0.1 seconds
Range: 4 meters
Rarity: Epic

10) Giant Hut
The last one is really controversial. It is the first Spawner that spawns win conditions, those being Giants. It can spawn a total of 3 Giants all being the same level as the building itself. However its high cost can cost you a Crown or even the King Tower as well so use it with caution

Cost: 10 Elixir
Hitpoints: 5000
Spawn Period: 25 seconds
Lifetime: 60 seconds
Rarity: Epic or Legendary

Those are all the buildings. Let me know if they are overpowered or not.


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  • JcttehTheWiseJcttehTheWise Posts: 2,006Moderator
    Crusher should cost less elixir since it cannot attack air and we know what players think about expensive buildings that target grouns only…

    Barbarian launcher seems quite OP, I think it should target everything instead of just buildings.

    Double cannon seems like a cheaper boom cannon in terms of "heavy hitting without a charging beam", or at least I'd use it in front of the boom cannon.

    Flamethrower is basically how Bomb tower should be :lol:

    The giant spawner is on a tightrope between OP and UP, not sure what to think…

    The rest buildings seem OK to me.
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  • KN11F3DKN11F3D Posts: 215Member
    Seems like a pretty interesting set of ideas so far, even if they are based of certain existing concepts :smile:

    1. Starting off with the Boom Cannon (Boom Beach), it's like a toned down Sparky with the way that it operates, but I would still pick the Inferno Tower for how fast the hit speed is on it, despite the retarget time. Reason being, like Sparky, this is an all or nothing card.
    While an Inferno can tank a bit of swarm damage and take a few on its own, despite being a waste, this would probably take only one Skeleton or one Goblin out of the pack with the rest relying on the tower alone. And for that, I would buff this card.
    Changes: Damage Increased by 8% (865), Hit Speed Increased to 3 seconds.
    2. Next up is the Crusher, which is probably one of my favourite buildings to add; it could possibly be a new couter to Elite Barbarians. Again though, for the purpose of the card, I feel that it attacks a bit too slow for my liking.
    To put into perspective, an Inferno Tower can kill a Hog Rider in 4.4 seconds flat, with or without the tower, because the last tick is tier 3 damage. It will take one or two hits max, unless it is stunned.
    This, despite not being a tank killer, takes a total time of 4.8 seconds, but that means the Hog Rider can barely get one more swing. And while that may not sound like much with the massive health difference, there may be times where the Hog Rider has support behind it, like Spear Goblins. With Spear Goblins, since they are ranged, they don't end up getting crushed, so their miniscule damage will add up.

    Inferno Tower - 4.4 seconds + 1 second retarget + tanking for 3.6 seconds (The Inferno kills one of them). Total: 1265 (11%)
    Crusher - 4.8 seconds + tanking for 4.8 seconds. Total: 1730 (27%)
    The percentage shows how much time the building has left after the attack.
    Again, it seems the Crusher comes out on top, but there is one more thing to pick up on; the life timer. 60 seconds, even for a melee building, is a bit too long. I would expect that sort of timer for an Eagle Artillery for instance. And so if the timer gets nerfed, the % will come down as well for the fact that it loses hit points faster.

    With the changes list, I'm going to give out a couple of options as to what you want to do with it, although I think you did a really good job on balancing this one :crsmirk:.
    Changes: Hit Speed Increased to 3.6 seconds, Included Knockback Effect
    Options: Life Timer Decreased to...
    - 40 seconds (Inferno) (18%)
    - 45 seconds (20%)
    - 50 seconds (22.5%)
    3. Microwaver next. When I think of a microwave beam, I tend to think of a cone of fire, rather than direct splash damage, so maybe if it attacked everything inside of its range, it could be somewhat viable? In it's current state, it shreds swarm units like it's nothing; better than even the Bomb Tower. Skeletons are 3 hits, Spear Goblins are 5 hits and Minions are 8 hits; all under 2 seconds. However take a Wizard and it can pummel away at it for 4.8 seconds (3 hits against it).

    All things being said though, take a cloer look and it's pretty much a downgraded Wizard Tower, which balance-wise is pretty good (maybe the hp is a little high). Look even more and you'll see that I spelt 'closer' incorrectly on purpose :crsmirk:. Think of it like the Bomber (271) and Bomb Tower (184). This (125DPS) complementing the Wizard (167DPS) would be a good match if it were a Wizard Tower. But in terms of design, I don't think I would see a microwave in CR.
    4. The Rocket Launcher (Boom Beach) does have a unique mechanic in the fact that it reloads its own shots after a set amount, but this feels like an overpowered Mortar. It's not something you would defend a Hog Rider with, but it could quite easily replace the X-Bow in many ways, which isn't good.
    To start, here are some stats of all of the Siege weapons we know of:
    - Mortar: 44DPS (Splash)
    - X-Bow: 104DPS
    - Rocket Launcher (Burst): 166DPS
    - Rocket Launcher (Total): 62DPS
    While the X-Bow still has higher DPS, where this thing shines is it's range and Blind Spot. For one, it doesn't ignore a Royal Giant hitting it; it will stand on the edge of it. Secondly, because it can ignore so much, it is almost guaranteed to hit the Arena Tower, and because of its range, it can hit both of them. Either that, or you can point it at one tower and place an entire building infront of it!
    I'll let you try and fix this one, but this will need a major rework.
    5. The Barbarian Launcher is even more unique. When I saw this, I thought it was going to be the first Ranged Spawner, which would be interesting to see, but why would it only target buildings? It can't even reach the tower unless you plant it directly at the bridge. Otherwise, it will do nothing for 7 elixir.
    This could use a simple rework in how it works, but otherwise a good concept.
    Changes: Range Decreased to 8 tiles, Targeting set to Ground.
    If there is no unit to aim at, it will automatically fire the Barbarian forward 8 tiles.
    6. Now for the Grappler. This is interesting, yet I don't think the stats give it enough credit. To start, it's better at pulling building targeting units than anything else, including the tornado, and can easily strip an entire push from their tank to make it vulnerable. But it costs too much to use something else to counter the support, and it can't take on a Hog Rider if it is blocked by the smallest of support, even if it is in range, because that's what it finds first.

    Changes: Elixir Cost Decreased to 3, Hit Points Decreased by 238% (1050), Hit Speed Increased to 1 second, Damage Increased by 91% (67), Rarity Changed to Rare, Removed Blind Spot, No longer targets buildings. By far the most amount of changes I've done to one card... ever.
    7. S.I.M.O sounded interesting at first, but with the Grappler in place, I don't see the point of this card.
    8. Next up is the Double Cannon; another good old favourite. This would be a good Rare card to have in the arsenal, but it may be just a tad powerful in its current state. Also, the burst could be a little bit faster incase it encounters anything like Sparky.
    Changes: Range Increased by 0.5 (5), Damage Decreased by 7% (140x4), Burst Hit Speed Increased to 0.2 seconds, Reload Hit Speed Increased to 1.7 seconds.
    Total Cycle: 2.5 seconds. Burst DPS: 560 (Previous - 300), DPS: 224 (Previous - 150)
    The range upgrade was to compensate for Archers and Spear Goblins.
    9. The Flamethrower (Boom Beach) in your case is a poor man's Inferno Tower, that deals splash damage, and doesn't reset. 450DPS? That's more than the Inferno Dragon at full pelt! Plus if the burn is on top, it nearly goes to Inferno Tower range! Could use a rework, but even then I don't think literally burning people alive would be appropriate for CR. The Inferno is a little different because while it is fire based, it at least doesn't have the background of what a flamethrower is usually designed to do.
    10. Giant Hut
    NINE THOUSAND, EIGHT HUNDRED AND TWENTY FIVE hit points going directly to the tower?? This has got to be the most polarising card I have ever seen, and dare I say it, more than Sparky is. Madness aside, if we judged the discount in a similar way to Three Musketeers, this would cost the equivalent of 12 elixir, excluding the hut. Destroying the Hut will survive 4 Rockets, including Mirrors, so this is more powerful than 2vs2.
    Even if you placed it, it stalls your opponents for far too long, especially as they are staying at their side of the Arena for an entire minute, or longer. In 2vs2, this would be impossible to get past as both lanes are blocked, unless you spam hogs. Also, they will know you wasted all of your elixir and three crown you immediately without you being able to do anything.
    I know I made some heavy cards back in my day and even raised the double tank combo, but this is too much. If you wanted to make a tank or mini tank spawner, go for something smaller like the Ice Golem, to a degree.

    - KN11F3D
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  • FusionBoltFusionBolt Posts: 179Member
    Clash Royale said that they don't need too many more buildings. But I really like S.I.M.O Tower.
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  • elijahxxknockelijahxxknock Posts: 14Member
    All of these ideas are awesome flamethrower should just be called the roaster
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