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The heavy weight of negativity over positivity

JcttehTheWiseJcttehTheWise Posts: 2,018Moderator
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Don't you hate when something like a post is full of positive comments but suddendly a single negative comment appear and looks like it's more important than the rest?

For example, after posting my Noob Archetype analysis on Reddit, I received really positive feedback, with constructive criticism, and even the "destructive" comments wheren't too toxic and where answerable. But suddendly toxicity appears and... you just cannot ignore it despite being a single comment in the middle of a sea of positivism:


This positive comment is in the top of the comments because it has higher upvotes than the rest, but that negative answer just ruins all…

I'm sure at least one of you guys feel the same in these situations.
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  • PiklashuPiklashu Posts: 585Member
    Reddit Clash community is just like the game. Toxic users and nearly unmoderated. That's the kind of community Tim likes best
  • ShaggsShaggs Posts: 559Member
    I understand where you are coming from, but I was a person who viewed your post negatively.... I can tell you wanted to make something good and thought you had an angle people would like.

    .... I'm kinda confused how you can make a negative post labeling people "Noobs" and then feel offended by a slightly negative post....

    karma is a motherfucker.... (had to add that last part since I'm allowed to curse...sorry, it's really not personal)
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