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logbait user looking for tips! (also looking for other logbait players!!)

cjmaverickforevercjmaverickforever Posts: 11Member
edited November 2018 in Strategy & Deck Building
hi guys, im your average 'logbait abuser' sitting at 4600-4800 after 2 years of serious f2p grinding.

my cards as follows ice spirit - max knight - max gang - max gbarrel - max rocket - 12 princess - 12 log - 11 tornado - 11

i have a 12 tesla, around 1000 cards left to max but i personally find myself losing a lot more with tesla than with tornado.

im really hoping to break through 4900 and really any tips and help with logbait against the current ladder meta would be really helpful. perhaps on which card to cycle out first and why etc, or knowing how to manipulate their beatdown comp by knowing when to split pressure etc...

thank y'all so muchNox Showbox Mobdro


  • CeltaxorCeltaxor Posts: 52Member
    1st, this is probably not the place you wanna ask that.
    2nd, I'm not a logbait player, I use more thick cards. the biggest log bait I'd recommend is Rascals. It's a good card to use that'll be almost undoubtedly shot by the log. The thing is, the log doesn't kill the boy rascal. So as soon as the log has rolled, you have a fairly thick card that you can load your small cards behind. Knight and miner are also gonna be good, but the goal is efficient elixir and timing, so it's your choice on which you use.
    3rd, I've seen a lot of pre made decks like Golem dartgob deck and Miner gobgiant deck etc., and I think I've seen yours somewhere on the internet, but I recommend to not use those because you really can't swap with them. There made for that deck only. Also that's pretty much cheating. You should try to use a deck you made. You wanna pick cards that work together amazingly, and then have a bunch of back up cards that can really work in teams with the others. Anyway, I don't really have much advice besides that for your situation.
  • MasterCalMasterCal Posts: 2,364Moderator
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  • micsfyuenmicsfyuen Posts: 753Member
    I use the inferal tower version. I remember I only had max ice spirit and knight when I first broke 4900.

    I have tried tornado and tesla before, they could work, but it takes a lot more skill to play properly. Infernal tower is often lazy sitting behind it and hard counters certain beatdown match ups.
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