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Level cap idea

cjmaverickforevercjmaverickforever Posts: 11Member
edited November 2018 in Ideas & Feature Requests
I think „overleveled-bad-players-royale“ fits the games name much better. I just faced 5 max hog/rg players in a row with my level 11 deck and still managed to win 2 of them. There should be a level cap until 4600 trophies that brings down level 13 cards to level 12. Also Level 12 cards below 4000 trophies should not be a thing. Sadly I don’t think sc would ever do that because 40% of the player base are using max no brainer cards and would leave after such a change.


  • MasterCalMasterCal Posts: 2,172Moderator
    Supercell said that IF they add level caps it'd be based around the King Tower, not trophy levels, and I agree with that. Personally, I'm not sure whether I want level caps or not, as there are good arguments on both sides for whether they should be implemented.

    Also, moved to I&FR.

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