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[REFLECTION] Card/Deck Guide threads are most of the time useless

Not sure where to put this thread tbh…

Soooo… I was thinking about doing an ultimate guide to GGiant double prince, you know, a long thread explaining detail by detail every concrete interaction with the deck cards, but after thinking about that for a while, I reached a conclusión: it's not worthy.

The point of a guide thread, either about a card or a deck (abreviated as "cd" in this thread), is to incentive users to try a certain cd with a good mechanic knowledge base, right? Then there are two options:

Either you write a Bible thread with all kind of details, so the reader meets all the mechanics of the deck.

Or you sacrifice some details to write a shorter thread so the reader gets the cd idea fast.

The first one fails at attracting the reader, since "casual" forumers don't like long threads; if they see a long thread they'll just ignore it or read it skipping a lot of key sentences, resulting most of the time on deck apalthy or a feeling of cd weakness due to the ignorance of how key interactions work.

The second one fails at showing the deck's power too generally, so reader may interest on using the deck, but will be played bad, resulting again on a feeling of cd weakness, and will keep asking in the comments for concrete interactions, returning to the first case.

Because of that, I think the only way to make a cd guide work well avoiding the problems of these two cases is by making a video, where you require less words to explain concrete interactions because you are supported by the video scene.

What do you think guys? Are cd guide threads worthy? Is there an average point between the first and second case where cd guide threads work?
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  • killerkiller Posts: 1,163Member
    I haven’t seen such a guide since SC closed its forums... they must be in a subforum I don’t frequent. I would imagine length is fine if the info is valuable and the writer wrotes interestingly and or efficiently
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  • micsfyuenmicsfyuen Posts: 710Member
    The best way is to post the deck, say how much success you have in ladder/GC/CC, then end of thread.

    People who are interested in the deck will try it out, then ask for advice if he needs it.
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