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Naruto Themed Clash Royale Fantasy Leagues: Supercell approved

Welcome to the best clash experience around!

10,000 Gem Tournament September 1st
10,000 Gem November 1st
10,000 Gem Christmas/New Years
10,000 Gem March 1st
10,000 Gem May 1st
10,000 Gem Canada Day

Calling all clan leaders. Register your clan for my Clash Royale Fantasy Sports twist. I run spread sheet and pay for 10k gem tournaments in Clash for users. The competition is zero cost to members. No ad watching, no surveys, no garbage youtube channel to watch, zip.

How it works I've recruited 14 Top 200 Canada War Clans as long as your gold league I will accept your clan. Clans are Great Vibes, BC Buddies, Anbu Legion CrazyCanadians, Toon Squad, Fire Burners, Geek Quebec, Crazy Canadians, The Holy Ones, BC Immortals, NoGameNoLif3, Triple Crown, Untouchablez, and Smurf Royale.

The league is a Naruto themed competition though you don't need to understand Naruto to compete. All I require is that you speak english and can download Discord which is a free app in the google play store, requires zero personal information, and create a username and add me. DBagVonJeffy#0401

Also filling a U.S. League. 16 clans all need to be gold war cups 40 members minumum.

I have 2 Canadian spots left.

The Competition:

There are 2 stages to this game. 800 members 16 clans 4 divisions

Stage 1: The Clan Qualifier

Each member of your discord team faces off vs each other in a friendly battle best of 3 match. At the beginning of each tournament cycle I will post a spead sheet bracket in your discord channels listing your opponents and match due dates.

Lose once your our until the next cycle. The tournament goes until the last man standing is declared clan champion.

Each match will be arranged on discord. I add you into group chats with your opponent and me for scheduling and deck posting. Think of me like a referee. I give you 15 days to fight one match (3 battles best of 3, 2 if you sweep).

There is a 2 month gap between each gem tournament that is when this stage will take place.
So you fought, why?

Stage 2: The Gem Tournament

10k Gem Tournament worth 110 prize 14k gold 2k cards scaling down.

The top 10 from every clan qualifier in stage one face off in a 10k Gem Tournament in CR.

That's 10 from each team 16 teams. 160 people. Tournaments are locked using Royale Tournaments. No password sharing problem.

Prize summary:
Stage 1:
Clan Champion (last man standing)- mention in clan description, bragging rights over clan, you get a free 10k tournament pass ontop of winning a trip to the next 10k with your clan mates. Thats 2 10k Gem Tournys 220 value.

The Top 9 and clan champ win a spot at the league 10k.

Stage 2:
If you win a gem tournament you win 6 10k tournament passes. Meaning you can redeem these without having to win your way into a 10k tournament through stage 1. If you lose in stage 1 you can use your free pass and get in on that. 6 10k tournaments about 700$ value.

It takes up about 5 hours every 2 months if you win through less if you lose. I emailed supercell to double check they both approved this league and my plans for the future. I can show you the proof of that on discord with screen shots or feel free to contact them yourself.

Here is my website.

Add DBagVonJeffy#0401 if your a clan leader or a clasher looking to compete :) I can give you a tour of my servers and let you meet the other clan leaders and teams :)




  • FusionBoltFusionBolt Posts: 179Member
    Sorry to disappoint you mate, but 10000 Gem tournaments have been removed forever. :'(
    Current high: 3085 trophies, CR Content Creator, And Loyal Hog Rider user!
    Hog Rider Stats: Usage: 28% +2.5% Win-rate: 48% -1.5%
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