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We are not only an active clan, but also give out lots of rewards!

johnsonyxjohnsonyx Posts: 2Member
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I formed a Clan called "OZ Guild", where I invite my friends and strangers who loves Clash royale.

  • Donation can't be less than 30 per week, otherwise you will be Kick.
  • Can't be offline for 5 consecutive days per week, otherwise you will be Kick.

  • Tournament will be held every month and only clan members can participate.
  • Each month, the member with the most donation card will be given a reward of 500 Gems.

clan: OZ Guild

Tag: #P8C099RG

Click this link to join my Clan in Clash Royale!

Below is our Discord group, come join us and we can play together!

Join us~welcome first~


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