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Why bridge spam is out of control and what can be changed

So, we are now in a new meta in clash royale, and the new meta you see the most of this deck: pekka bridge spam.

As a loyal pekka user, I feel pekka needs no chages whatsoever, the reason why pekka is used in those decks as bridge spam units lack defense, whereas pekka is the best ground defensive card in the game, and it is the bridge spam that poses a problem.

So I played a match where towards the end, the opponent just keep spamming minions, battle ram, bandit, royale ghost at the bridge non-stop, and since they move so fast, everything I put down either got killed by the bandit or the barbarians, or it fails to stop the units.

Lets see why the units in bridge spam are that strong, and I think it is mainly because they can't be easily blocked. In equal elixir, Bandit can clear medium health units fast, royale ghost can clear swarm fast while Battle ram can dash straight to the tower, ignoring the defense. Therefore, these three units combined together causes a situation where they can clear everything fast and get reliable damage on the tower. In fact, this is why pekka is commonly used in these decks, like any op deck: to counter itself. Pekka's rise in usage rate is a side effect due to the rise of spam units, as if battle ram, royale ghost and bandit are used, only pekka can prevent them from damaging the tower reliably, hence I believe pekka isn't op, just a counter to the spam meta.

In fact, I believe battle ram in particular is the issue and here is why: for equal elixir, most units either can't stop the ram from getting a charge on the tower or the troop would be dead by the barbarians, [I.e mega minion can't stop a charge, e-wiz will die to barbarians) only exception I can think is ground swarm, which can be cleared by spells easily, or mini pekka and I can support my point with having seen the top 10 used decks in GC and 8 (!!!) has the battle ram in it. In fact, there is also a new meta where ram is used WITH swarms, making hard counters to the ram (pekka) not reliable against the ram too, and once the ram connects, insane damage is caused from the barbarians.

So, what can be changed? Well, I think the battle ram needs a nerf, but since its charge cannot be touched, I think a barbarian damage nerf can be implied so when you are trying to counter multiple units spammed at your bridge, your defensive units won't die that fast, which is what makes bridge spam scary, and this affects barbarian barrel, which is also seen everywhere due ti fast deploy and damage from barbarians.

I think to bring bridge spam down, the barbarian needs a nerf, and maybe a haircut nerf from the bandit, but I won't want a dramatic nerf from spam, as without bridge spam, tornado decks will dominate, and I myself hate tornado with a burning passion, so yeah.



  • ShaggsShaggs Posts: 559Member
    Witch handles bridge spam pretty nicely with little help.... this is one of my easier match ups personally.
  • No_C_StickNo_C_Stick Posts: 134Member
    The cards individually aren't overbearing, but there is no denying that the combination of bandit's, bram's and ghost's respective abilities is often too overpowering.

    I would say that reducing bram's push ability would more than tone down the combo as I see that as the main issue.

    Ground melee units get pushed back so fast by bram that their opposing bandit is automatically in dash range when dropped. Ghost prevents the defending player from dropping swarm cards as a defensive measure and minions and ewiz are the perfect air and ranged support. The stun effect of ewiz lets bram do its job, while minions can only be spelled down by arrows for an equal trade.

    Also, fireballing the cluster only slows down the inevitable assault as two full health barbs and the surviving ghost and bandit can still wreck havoc.

    The best way to mitigate the damage or stop it altogether is through either PEKKA or MK and a cheap spell like zap or snowball, surprisingly. However, PEKKA one ups MK against this combo since she can also handle tanks and OHKOs the barbs. This here explains why PEKKA is so popular in challenges as of late.

    Even if bandit, bram or ghost (unlikely since he has been nerfed quite a bit lately) recieve a nerf, any one can easily be replaced by the dank prince and a similar issue persists, since his shield grants him some spell immunity making fireball even more useless against the assault.

    I am glad you brought this up as I am well aware of why that particular deck is difficult to stop and have been wanting to address the recent hate on PEKKA.

    Luckily for me, my main deck is able to handle the deck fairly well and victory goes to the player who makes the fewer mistakes.
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  • micsfyuenmicsfyuen Posts: 753Member
    Nerf battle ram.

    I like it and use it all the time, but it is too versatile, too threatening and too few cheap reliable counter.
  • MasterCalMasterCal Posts: 2,364Moderator
    Problem with nerfing Barbarians is that the card itself is one of the weaker cards in the meta. But then, you can't buff barbarians because BRam and BBarrel are top cards.

    I think the delay on barbarian spawn on both cards could be increased.

    I do think Pekka is too strong on ground defense, and virtually any card I try to counter it with gets destroyed easily by spells or support units.

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