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[Balance Suggestion] Adressing all Barbarian cards for December 2018

There's no title art this time because there's no time to draw one before next balance changes release.

Soooo… it's not a secret that Battleram and Barb Barrel are two of the best cards in the game right now. It's clear they need to be toned down a bit, but at first we shouldn't touch barbarians' stats since the other two barbarian cards, Barbs and Barb Hut are two of the weakest cards right now, and for a long time. Soooo we nerf the battleram and the barrel itself? I wanted to see how these cards could be nerfed and the other two buffed at the same time, and here's my proposal:

Barbarians (affects all 4 cards): HP reduced from 636 to 598, damage reduced from 159 to 129

This is the first part, where all barbarian cards loose some power. HP is now enough to be 1HKO'd by MiniPEKKA and damage will be less harmful when locked onto the tower. On this way, Barbarian from barb barrel will tank less hits from all cards and barbarians from battleram will be toned down a bit, while still making battleram worthy if charged onto the tower.

Not what happens with 5 elixir Barbarians and Barb Hut? Isn't this an overkill for them? I mean, barbs no longer kills fireballies with 4 hits!
Here are the interesting changes:

5 elixir barbarians: count increased to 5

Barbarian Hut: cost decreased to 6, HP reduced from 1936 to 1646

I felt that Barbarians' count should be increased to compete with minion horde as a 5 elixir swarm card. Against PEKKA, they will tank one extra hit, making them more viable against her and other heavy hitters, and they could also be an interesting card to split pushing since one extra barbarian will go to one lane.
For Barbarian Hut, I felt that its cost should be reduced in some way, and the barb nerf, with some less HP, is the perfect way to balance the new cost. Still not sure if spawn rate/count should be changed as well, but I think this is the right direction to balance barb hut.

What do you think? Are these changes good ideas? Feedback is lalways appreciated :)
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