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Long list of balance change opinions

Very well said. TheRumHam has already given an explanation as to why the Valkyrie hasn’t been nerfed yet, on twitter. To sum it up, he basically confirmed a nerf to Valkyrie next balance change, but they don’t want to “nerf cards into oblivion”, like they have in the past. They still want Valkyrie to be a good card, so they’re most likely only going to do a small HP nerf. Not every card has to be like Magic Archer, as CWA said. Some cards are good, and provide decent value. There are tough cards, and not so tough cards. A Valkyrie is a life saver sometimes, with Ebarbs spammed at the bridge, or a Witch that just won’t die- Valkyrie takes care of most of that, and it’s F2P friendly. With a nerf to Tesla and Inferno Dragon, Golem is just going to keep being more and more prevalent, then people will complain, then they’ll nerf an aspect of Golem, then another archetype will get a buff, and people will still complain. My point is, Valkyrie shouldn’t be nerfed as hard as a lot of people wish, and a game like CR will never be 100% balanced. As long as they keep the game fun and engaging, that’s what matters just as much.



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    You're about 4 months too late. Stop posting either reposts or old information please.

    Not to mention this isn't a long list, and if it was, please use better formatting than just one blocky paragraph

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