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Golem nerf

joshonmigueljoshonmiguel Posts: 2Member
edited December 2018 in Card Balance Discussion
Im probably going to get downvoted because 40% of ladder players at 4900 are golem noobs but golem needs a nerf. As long as you’re not using pekka or exe-nado you’re not going to have a fair matchup. Golem provides far too much value for 8 elixir, I mean compared to giant (which is actually balanced) for just 3 elixir more, you are getting a huge health buff, death damage and 2 mini tanks. That’s too much for a 3 elixir extra cost. Now with the tombstone nerf golem got even stronger and is the best deck even in top 200 ladder. At the same time golem is one of the easiest decks to use which means that on ladder even bad players are always getting a lot of value with it. Golem strategy is basically just „wait until you’re opponent cannot punish you, play golem and a bunch of junk behind it and you’re almost always getting a tower, and even if you’re opponent punishes you opposite lane, they won’t have enough elixir to stop you’re broken push and you’re going to get at least one tower (sometimes the crown tower as well). Golem has always been on the edge of being broken but with 3 of his best counters being nerfed (ice-wiz, tombstone, e-drag) it’s going to be absolutely insane.


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