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Just another rant

killerkiller Posts: 1,207Member
Havent had this rant in awhile and I have to release...

If you find yourself playing a bowler with the intent of playing a graveyard... everyone knows you have graveyard. Your a mindless drone. Try thinking for yourself.

If you have pekka hog..your probably the typical meta of the week cut and paster... you make life boring and repetitive. Who will show you what to play next?

If you have an ebarb deck... you should probably be playing a match three game. Your going to spend more money and or resources to get to the same place everyone else got cheaper and probably faster.

If you have 3-4 cards on average above most your opponents... also consider match 3 games... your bad and thats what everyone opponent knows when they see your levels. When you win, no one thinks you played well. They know your pay 2 win. Try studying and working on your game. Leveling up doesn’t make you good.

Logbait... 2016 is calling and they want their deck back.
Two decks:
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