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BODEGA BANDITS 2600 min Trophies

HamboHambo Posts: 4Member
edited December 2018 in Clan Chat
Hey guys, the Bodega Bandits are looking for some new recruits. We're active and at 30000 total trophies. We're trying to get our numbers up so we can wage some wars...well wage A LOT of wars. Active clan and donates often.

Our clan tag is #Y820RP0


- Be respectful, no racism, no bullying.
- Donate. Give and you shall receive.
- Elder rank goes to the top 3 besides lead and Co leads.
- Be able to communicate in English

When the ranks fill up I'll start hosting tournaments. For now the goal is to get into clan wars and help each other out with donations.

26 Spots open!

Ready to join the cause? Click the link.


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