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Deck Idea

Hi guys,
Now Royal Recruits are 7 Elixir and I want to give them a chance. Also I want to add to them my 12 LvL Bandit and Maxed 13 LvL Witch. Can you suggest me 5 more cards to form a good deck with ?
Thanks in advance !


  • brainiacboybrainiacboy Posts: 640Member
    err try a giant witch beatdown? ok so use giant, zap, poison, gobgang and ewiz?
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  • Abger13Abger13 Posts: 13Member
    Thank you for suggesting me the Giant Witch Beatdown Deck (Giant,Witch,Royal Recruits,Bandit,Zap,Poison,gobgang and Electro Wizard... Can you tell me the card roles in this deck and how to use it ?
    Thanks in advance !
  • ferrell34ferrell34 Posts: 1,450Moderator
    Bandit and Witch in a deck is pretty rare. Since Bandit is often used in fast cycled decks while Witch is often used in slow paced decks.

    But with Recruits added in, these two cards finally has something in common. That is pressure and heavy spell bait.

    Bandit, Recruits, and Witch don't punish alot if Poison or Lightning is baited out-but Elixir Collector might do. So you might want to put Elixir Collector to gain extra elixir and make the heavy costed deck more cycleable.

    Recruits is a two lane card, and Bandit and Witch is the pressure. In paper, the push sounds deadly but it isn't. In match, you might face the hard counters which are Mega Knight, Bowler, Skarmy, Executioner, anything that finishes your troops in a swing and still counterpush. So you need cards that can stall and distract enemies on the enemy side. Which are Zap and Miner.

    Zap is used to retarget units, stun units, and clear out some swarms. It's also cheap. Which is very useful for this kind of decks. Miner is mostly used for immidiate tanking and taking out glass cannons on the enemy side. Together, Miner and Zap is the perfect compensation.

    Since the offense part of this deck is solved, now let's go for defense. Elixir Collector can no longer be placed in your first hand and this deck is definitely pretty heavy. So you need something flexible and reliable for defense. And i'd go for Mega Minion and Fire Spirits.

    Mega Minion is used to deal with bulky enemy troops and air units when Bandit and Witch is out of cycle. Never use Mega Minion on offense. Fire Spirits is used to deal with swarms and glass cannon and stall when Witch is also out of cycle. You can only use Fire spirits on offense if your elixir is higher than your opponent.

    Your deck should be like this:
    Witch|Bandit|Royal Recruits| < Your selection
    Elixir Collector|Miner|Zap|Mega Minion|Fire Spirits| < My recommendation
    Elixir Rate: 3.9| < Pretty darn fast if you ask me with the Elixir Collector
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