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Im curious, help me out please.

tboztboz Posts: 30Member
edited December 2018 in RAGE!
Ok so here’s the thing, I generally give up 97% of games because they are either a complete dickhead emoting the shit out of every move, or they’re boring sheep using the latest cut and paste team from online or some shit and I feel like I’m playing against 5 different people instead of the world.
If any of you boring fuckheads would like to respond please feel free.
Firstly, does this game really make you feel like a winner? Many times it’s like someone bringing a machine gun to an arm wrestle and then bragging that they won. This equals fuckhead.
Or you play the same power move over and over till the game ends. Whether you win or lose this is fucking boring as batshit. Try something called using your brain and maybe mix it up a little.
If you start with good luck and the emoting like an arsehole when you win, congrats, you’re an arsehole oxygen thief.
Anyway, maybe you get the idea or you need help with all this because you’re a fucking idiot. But if you’d like to shed some light on any of this it’d be interesting. Whether you one of the fuckheads or a small percentage of decent humans that play this game.


  • killerkiller Posts: 1,207Member
    I go through periods where I quit a lot of games too out of boredom... when I recognize the cut and paste deck that I just played I sometimes just quit. Or when an opponent is extreme P2W I just quit.

    I have to admit I rarely let the BMers bother me. If I’m not in the mood I’ll just mute. But I genuinely just laugh at BMers because I rarely see a BMer who doesn’t suck.. Seriously, its never the person evenly matched who is a BMer, its the ebarb player who has an 8 card leveling advantage over you that BMs. And if your BMing a win while being P2W you’re too much of a joke to take seriously.
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