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2v2 ladder

Hey there!
Me and a friend really enjoy playing 2v2. But sometimes its just too easy as we play alot together and our opponents don't know each other most of the time. We have been thinking about a 2v2 ladder system. Just like the 1v1 system. (Maybe have 1 person as a team mate for the whole season, so its a bit easier to match opponents) There still would have to be an option to just have a fun 2v2 battle. But that could be: "Friends -> Friendly Battle -> 2v2" and you get2 random opponents.

This will make 2v2 a bit more competative and more fun for players who think they can reach the top with 2v2. Tell me what you think of it, and if you have any ideas to improve my idea, just let me know :D

Should supercell add 2v2 ladder
  1. Add 2v2 Ladder5 votes
    1. Yes
    2. No


  • GrubbyPincersGrubbyPincers Posts: 12Member
    It would eliminate a good deal of leavers, not completely but less people would leave a match if they knew their rank would be affected.
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