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New clan! 3k+ 6/6 war wins! Most of our members are 4k+

SponxieSponxie Posts: 1Member
About Kraken:

We are a newly created clan of seasoned veterans. We are dedicated to climbing through the leagues as quickly as possible. As small as we are we, we have finished first in every war since our inception. 6 in a row! With the right team in place there is no limit to what we can do. The atmosphere is focused but fun, it's a game not a job. Constant donations and consistently being active are major requirements, but we understand when life happens. Promotions aren't out of the question if they're earned by loyalty and battle. Are you the soldier we need? If you're the missing piece to our well oiled machine, join us today and RELEASE THE KRAKEN !!!

Join our discord for more info!

Clan link!

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