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[Humour] Deck Archetypes in a Nutshell

JcttehTheWiseJcttehTheWise Posts: 1,896Member
Posted here because contains swearing


Some extra content:


Enemy: Wow such skilless crap just place huts until building an impassable wall while infinite spam reaches my tower. Nerf to all huts please!!!

Me: Huts require sooo much skill if opponent has splasher you are almost fucked up unless you play perfectly your spells and I must control my cycle to make sure I can defend punishments after placing the hut.

Ebarbs rage

Enemy: if the worst illness became a card then raged Ebarbs would be the result. Simply placing at the bridge overleveled crap + rage and just zap the defense for easy tower damage. Nerf Ebarbs or I'll stop playing SC!!!

Me: … uum… I have no gold to use other decks OK?!
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