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Hello everyone. Last 3 months before CLASH ROYALE TRADING CARDS was released. It's so gorgeous collective cards but I came up with an idea. How about making CLASH ROYALE TRADING CARD GAME? It's not Mobile game. Player gather and play by real cards. The rule is basically same as CLASH ROYALE Online game but little different to make Trading Card game. I devise a rule and a rule is as follows. I would be grateful if you all could read.

1. Battle Field: Battle Field is configured 7 multiplied by 7 grids Field. Each Player has 2 Towers on their Battle Field. It's almost same as CLASH ROYALE.

2. Follow of Turn: This game consists of some phases.
At the beginning of game, each Player draw 5 cards from their Deck and with 10 Elixir.

a. Draw a card from Player's Deck.
b. Get 1 Elixir.
c. If Player control Building, deal it 10 damage.
d. Player may cast Troop or Building card.
e. If Player control Troop or Building,
Move Troop.
Attack if that Troop or Building can.
f. Opponent Turn. During c,d and e step, both Player may cast Spell card.

3. Win/Lose Condition: There are several ways to win the Game.

a. If Player lose Tower's HP total 0 or less, this Player lose the Game.
Opponent win.
b. If Player is required to draw a card than are left in his/her Deck, he/she
draws the remaining cards, and lose.

4. Elixir Boost Card: To make the Game faster, I adapt to design 'Elixir Boost Card'. These types of card supplies Player's Elixir like Elixir Collector. Elixir Collector is Building type of Elixir Boost Card. But there are Elixir Boost Spell or Troop are prepared in this game like...

Beta Minion Troop Card Elixir Cost 5 HP 70 PW 30 Range 2 SP 1
Flying, Discard a card from your hand: you get 1 Elixir.

Curse of Witch Spell Card Elixir Cost 3
Pay 100 Tower HP: You get 9 Elixir.

5. Evolution: Most of cards has Ability like 'Flying'. and in this game some cards has 'Evolve' Ability. For example Baby Dragon can evolves Dragon. It needs
a. You control 'Baby Dragon' on Battle Field.
b. You have 'Dragon' card on your hand.
c. You have enough Elixir to summon 'Dragon'.
The turn when you summon Baby Dragon, you can not use Evolution.

If you have any suggestions, please post them.
Thank you so much!


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    Based on above sentence, I tried making a video. Please check it!
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    Second video is released! Please check it!
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    Third video is released! Please check it!
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    This is Tutorial movie. To be honest I establish a rule precisely. Please check it!
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