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[4300] Filthy Casuals #U8PRCY

IOIMIOIM Posts: 15Member
Hey all! Steph here, the leader at Filthy Casuals. We are, as the name gives away, casuals, but we expect activity in the form of donations and participating in clan wars. We currently have 3140 war trophies!


- Must have king level 11 or above

- No set minimum for donations, but if we see you consistently low while very active, we'll call you on it

- Participation in clan wars is strongly encouraged; the more people there are, the more fun we'll all have! If you participate in prep day, you MUST participate in war day or you will likely be kicked

We have a discord server that isn't required but it's useful to tag people for war hits, talk personally to me or a co if needed, share videos, and more!

*(Please note while we have no set age minimum, we expect players to behave maturely when interacting and do not tolerate abuse, spam, or other childish behaviors)*


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