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Is there any brawler tier list?

JcttehTheWiseJcttehTheWise Posts: 2,018Moderator
Just curious if my favourite brawlers are relatively good
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  • MasterCalMasterCal Posts: 2,364Moderator
    Some YouTubers have made videos about them, I think Coach Cory did one.

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  • SamirMishraSamirMishra Posts: 342Member
    Check out Coach cory's Vid. He did Best and worst Brawlers Ranking and A Tier list for showdown including and excluding legendaries.
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  • killerkiller Posts: 1,207Member
    I’ e been looking for a list that compares shot distances? Any one have a link?
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  • PAZBoyPAZBoy Posts: 898Member
    killer wrote: »
    I’ e been looking for a list that compares shot distances? Any one have a link?

    Kairos has a brawlympics series and one of them is shot distances. Check him out.
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