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So $upercell seems to have killed affordable emotes. Don't spend money on this game.

ronnysinghronnysingh Posts: 4Member
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$2.99 for 4 emotes was a pretty reasonable deal.

I've seen multiple topics asking when we are going to see those again, and $upercell has refused to reply to any of them (hi again /u/ClashRoyale, thanks for ignoring us). Today, we see emote packages in the store with a SINGLE emote for the first time, and I think this confirms that affordable emotes are forever gone.

Show them that their predatory practices are wrong, and don't buy these ripoff packages. Definitely don't buy emotes for gems, which cost more than 3 times each than what they were in 4 packs previously.


  • MasterCalMasterCal Posts: 2,172Moderator
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    And actually, Supercell said that the emote packs should be back at some point, they're just figuring out how to do so. For example, they want them to be more "random," as in, no more just Princess emotes or just Hog emotes

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