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Clash Royale Idea!

guddduidharaahguddduidharaah Posts: 2Member
edited February 14 in Ideas & Feature Requests
I think Supercell should add some sort of game mode where it incorporates dark elixir from their Clash of Clans game. So the game mode could be something like, as you gain 10 elixir, you gain one dark elixir. So say you were going to play a hog rider, you could use the designated amount of dark elixir needed and it would super charge the troop you would be sending out. Maybe the required amount would cost the same as the required normal elixir, or maybe you could only use the dark elixir super charge for certain cards, but it would be really awesome to see dark elixir come into the game and make an appearance in a game mode like what I’ve described!
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