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U.S.S Royale - 3600+ - Gold League 3 War & 44k Clan Score - #8CQU90YP - Go to War, do All 4

kevin_nix3kevin_nix3 Posts: 67Member
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Hey guys! Welcome to the thread for U.S.S Royale. We are a warheavy clan, war is nonstop here. However, war is never mandatory! We do not require you to participate in every war, only that if you do participate in war, you do all 4 attacks. Not attacking on war day will lead to automatic demotion. Missing a collection day attack is a possible demotion.

Using 2 underleveled (level<9) cards in war will lead to an automatic demotion. Not practicing and then losing will also be an automatic demotion.

You need at least a level 10 king tower to join. 25 war day wins would also guarantee you a spot.

As soon as one war ends, another one begins, so you'll have plenty of time and chances to prove your activity in the clan.

If you choose not to do war, there are two other ways to prove activity. You can trophy push or donate. All you have to do on the trophy push front is to show movement, preferably in the ascending direction. If you don't want to do either of these, you must have 200 weekly donations. I am very flexible, and I consistently check all three of these categories to make sure everybody checks off at least one.

We are a more warheavy clan, so I would prefer more competitive players who love war.

Our clan has been in a rut in war lately. We NEED players who are good at war and actually practice. Let me know on the discord below if you have any questions about any of this, and I will go into greater detail there.

Our clan tag is #8CQU90YP. If you have any questions here is the link to our Discord where you can reach me directly:

We hope to see you guys aboard the U.S.S Royale!


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