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SC leggy chests are not worth 500 gems (anymore)

captainickcaptainick Posts: 6Member
edited December 2018 in General Discussion
When leggy chest was first introduced the amount of leggys in game were less than half the amount we have now. Back them it could be justified to put a 500 gem pricetag on a leggy chest but now I think that is no where close to the actual value. Like with anything else, the more that exists, the less value it has. A decrease in the cost of leggy chests seems obvious at this point right? Id also go on to say that the quest leggy chest should have its required points reduced. 1 random legendary card is simply not that good anymore. Another thing to mention is the new holiday tourneys main rewards are 3 legendary chests for a whopping 500 gems to unlock the bonus rewards. Its debatable that the previous tourney which only had a fee of 250 gems to unlock the rewards was much much better value regardless of the gem cost because it included gold and tokens and not just chests. You will see far less people spending the gems to unlock the bonuses because legendary chests are just not that appealing anymore and are highly over valued. In short, with the amount of leggy cards in game having more than doubled since launch the value/price of leggy chests needs to be cut in half at the very least and this was the case even before ram rider was introduced.


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