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The statistics prove that newer, more specialized cards are killing older, more basic cards

captainickcaptainick Posts: 6Member
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I was looking at card statistics on royaleapi and I noticed that most of the strongest cards in the game are newer cards, while older cards tend to have extremely low winrates and usage rates.

If you look at GC win% for the past 7 days, the bottom 20 cards in order from best to worst are sparky, goblin barrel, rocket, skarmy, arrows, valkyrie, fire spirits, giant skelly, knight, heal, clone, goblin hut, barbarians, executioner, wizard, rage, magic archer, ebarbs, bomber, and witch. All of these cards except for magic archer have been in the game for a very long time, with 14 of them being in the game since launch.

If you look at the highest win% cards, you will see that a lot of them are new cards that are highly-specialized and outshine the more basic older cards. The older cards that have a high win% happen to be highly-specialized cards such as 3M, tombstone, ice golem, and pump.

The reason for this discrepancy between older and newer cards is that Supercell releases cards which are specialized to fit into certain decks but they don't buff cards that are more simple. Let's look at the musketeer for example. She used to be a solid card that fit into multiple decks, but new cards were introduced that are more specialized than her. Flying machine acts as fireball bait and flies, ewiz can stun targets, hunter can kill tanks much faster, etc. All of these cards fit a similar role in decks as musketeer, but are flat-out better for their specific archetype. Now musketeer only has 1 meta deck (2.6 hog), which is better than a lot of the other simple cards such as wizard or bomber.

We could also look at a card like knight. Knight also used to be a solid card like the musketeer, but now we have ice golem, bandit, miner, and even barb barrel to fill the role of a mini-tank. Knight used to be a key card in mortar cycle and log bait decks, both of which have basically disappeared. However, a new archetype has mysteriously emerged: mortar bait (which has miner in it rather than knight). In my opinion, this is largely due to the fact that the knight has been trending downwards as a result of new alternatives, poor balancing, and a meta shift which favors swarms rather than cycle decks.


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