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feeling done with this game

Asmdus88Asmdus88 Posts: 20Member
not trying to be overly negative here..... even though I feel like shouting at the top of my lungs how pissed I am.

royale is just feeling less and less fun to me. I've been playing since it came out, and gotten to over 5000 trophies but I just can't stand how unoriginal 99% of the players in this game are. it's all just meta deck after meta deck after meta..... and it's annoying as hell and feels broken too.

i mean..... literally a no skill pos bait deck will beat me half the time, and this is against a player that's barely in the 4000s or even like 3800s, are they a better player than me???!!! no!! its just a cheesy broken deck that's easy for anyone to use..... or a stupid meta hog fireball fast cycle deck. same b.s..

it's the SAME CRAP over and over and it's just annoying..... not even fun to play against. i hate losing 5 or 6 times in a row to almost identical decks...... against players that are predictable as hell and yet i can't counter them..... makes me keep asking myself why the hell do i even play this game anymore??? and I guess it's time to just call an end to it now. there's just no balance in this damn game.

my parting advice to the developers would be to look at all these over used meta combos and try to find some way to better balance things out... otherwise your game is just going to die off. I've had a lot of fun with royale while it lasted but yeah I'm just done with the lack of balancing
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  • MasterCalMasterCal Posts: 2,172Moderator
    It's not a balance issue, it's a mentality issue. People think that the deck is what gets the wins and what is "OP," when they completely ignore their own skill and playstyle and strengths and weaknesses.

    I agree that the copy-pasters are keeping the game from being as diverse and fun as it could, but it's not a balance issue. Otherwise, one or two or maybe three decks would dominate the game, which isn't happening.

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  • BoomstarBoomstar Posts: 24Member
    While I agree copying meta decks is a problem, but as already mentioned it is not a balance issue. Some matchups are bad for certain decks and unless there is a huge difference in skill (experience, practice), one will beat the other (e.g. log bait will lose to xbow/mortar cycle). There are 90 cards now and this is inevitable. A spell less deck will have a very very hard time against 3m. Everyone loses, get over bad matchups and move on. Your opponent that just beat you will also face a hard counter eventually and lose.
  • killerkiller Posts: 1,095Member
    I agree that the cut and pasters make what could be an endlessly diverse and interesting game repetitive and stale. But, unfortunately, this is just how people are. Its not just this game... in any area; fashion, art, games... a small group of people in any area or field are leaders and innovators while the vast majority of people look to others to follow and copy. Most people are unoriginal mindless drones. And this isn’t really news. In marketing, people pay trendsetters (or influencers) to market their products knowing the masses will follow. For every one person who creates a deck there are a million waiting to be told what to play.

    While normally this tendency of most people to be followers doesn’t have to impact us. In a game like this you can see ash post a video one day and a week later you’ve played that deck dozens of times. The lack of innovators means having to play the same handful of decks over and over until slowly, over time, the sheep are given a new deck of the week to copy.
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  • tboztboz Posts: 24Member
    Im with killer. The internet had shown us that people are dumb as a box of hammers with a mix of fucking arseholes in there too. Being about as original as a turd and they probably think that they’re awesome too, like shitty singers on those shitty tv shows who’s parents said they are amazing at everything when sadly they can’t sing for shit. Sadly it makes this game suck and makes me want to blow up the entire planet. Oh well, people will not change. It’s life.
  • GiorgakisGiorgakis Posts: 2,907Member
    edited December 2018
    I am long gone from the game and I am not coming back. Even though I abandoned the game for different reasons, this issue did help a bit on the abandoning action.

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  • PiklashuPiklashu Posts: 562Member
    I love making decks. Even if they suck,I works never draw the same fun coughing a deck, even if I got 80% win of it.

    I thick the purpose of the game is to strategize designing decks and coming up with play strategies for them.

    Copying takes away all the fun
  • killerkiller Posts: 1,095Member
    For me the biggest thing killing the game is the p2w structure combined with the terribly stupid season reset, both making 4k+ terrible. Everytime I face lvl13 players with my lvl11 account at 4100 cups I’m reminded to never give SC another dime.

    Related note- I think it would be better if they are going to continue with the inane season reset to do it across ALL of the ladder. That way you don’t have 4k being such a toilet. Its just so dumb that you can get to 4k with lvl10 cards and immediately face an army of garbage players with lvl12 and 13 cards.
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