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2 years of playing the game and i need YOUR HELP

hello guys. As i am playing 2 years the game i am about 4400 trophies and i understood that i have a tottaly wrong deck . As i see from top players they are playing most with low elixir cards and they are 6000 trophies (wow) so i would like to know from the best of the forums which cards to keep and which to change to make a very strong deck for the future... the cards that i have are 1)Mega knight (lvl12 -almost level 13 i need 9 cards) 2) tesla level 13 — 3) wizard level 13 — 4) witch level (13) — 5)baby dragon level 12 - 6) electro wizard level 11 —- 7)ghost level 10 - 8)fireball level 11 ..... ok that was it the only thing that i want in my deck is for sure the mega knight :) Thank you very much guys i appreciate it!!


  • MasterCalMasterCal Posts: 2,364Moderator
    Your deck has a lot of splash units and not as much DPS. I'd replace one or two of them with something like Goblin Gang or Mega Minion or Bats.

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  • micsfyuenmicsfyuen Posts: 754Member
    if you only want to make progress in ladder, just level up fireball. If you want to get to 6000 trophies, I am not good enough to know how.

    I think you should not limit yourself to megaknight, play all kinds of deck that you see, and practice in challenges.
  • ShaggsShaggs Posts: 559Member
    Megaknight is a good counter play tank card, but you deck is extremely heavy with counter style troops...

    I'm a big fan of counter play style, but you have to be able to take a tower to win. The Megaknight is easily distracted and killed... The Giant is a better fit.
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