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Top 5 Worst Balance Changes of 2018

2018 was a really bad year for card balancing. But there are for sure some balance changes that have left me with the most bitter taste. CWA made a similar video, but this is my list so there will be different ones here than in the original one.

5) The Balloon change in August

This one did not impact me as much as some of the others in the list. I was not a Balloon user either. It was just that it did not make much sense. The Baby Dragon and Inferno Dragon also got the same debuff but they also got other changes (plus I never owned the Inferno Dragon) so they did not qualify.

4) The Battle Ram change in June

From this point, the ones that I actually hates are in the list. Everything from here and above is a change that I actually hate. The Battle Ram was a similar change to the Balloon mentioned above. However it was far more noticable since it was a ground troop. The Barbarians change that happened in the same pack of balance changes did not help at all. People seem to complain about it being strong but it is not as strong as it was at the first half of the year.

3) The Bomb Tower change in August

Seeing the Bomb Tower getting buffed was exciting. But when I saw the change I was instantly disappointed. The fact that that much Hitpoints went down after its discount was the bad part. It would make sence to decrease its Hitpoints after a discount... but 33% decrease! That was a huge debuff. I really wish they add back half of its lost Hitpoints

2) The Barbarian Barrel change in September

Pretty similar to the Bomb Tower change above. The change made it more useless than the already nerfed Bomb Tower. It did got a more appropriate buff the next month, which revived it from the ashes but I would still never upgrade it.

1) The Royal Giant change in October

Ahh that change! You all know my reactions to that. That was a guillotine to my deck and my account to be exact. I was a proud Royal Giant user that was not using him as a meme but was actually serious about him and having actually success with him at low Legendary. He was also much lower level compared to other Royal Giant users at those trophies. Then this debuff came and terminated my deck. I had a huge sorrow at that time and even to this day I am still mourning him. If they somehow revert the change, then I will happily come back to the game. But as of now, and probably forever, I am staying away from the game and not touch it again.

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