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4.6k as lvl 9 !

OK so I thought I'd give my sparky deck another try: the trash can was lvl 4 and my giant was maxed. If you think that's over leveled you need to see the gates of hell lol. All my last matches were against st maxed decks and the level 12 minion horde is a must unless you want to take a negative 3 with zap. I'll not pretend to be tournmagnet standard though, I did have some levels, but ,you barrel still got zapped and that was a pain. lcmucrcizvr1.png


  • Jontom2017Jontom2017 Posts: 3Member
    Lot of gems you been buying there. You would have lvl 9 4.6k bragging rights if you weren't a gemmer
  • killerkiller Posts: 1,202Member
    I disagree. Sure he has high lvl cards for a lvl9 (my main acct is lvl13 and I recently got my first legendary to lvl12) but his card levels are still low for 4600 cups. At the moment 4600 is mostly maxxed players. By seasons end it will still be players with half or more of their decks maxxed. He did good.
    Two decks:
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  • kitsune42kitsune42 Posts: 336Member
    Really cool that you climbed so high. You gave many high king tower players a lot of trouble or shaking anxiety if one see a Level 9 player so very good.
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