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Add "Change Deck" Button in 2v2 battles / Friendly Battles

I would like to see a "Change Deck" button appear after finishing a 2v2 or Friendly game, instead of having to exit to main menu, change deck, the Tag again. Even a "Quick Change" Button would be awsome, selecting from your 5 presets.


  • MasterCalMasterCal Posts: 2,276Moderator
    I think this is a good QoL change. Though it would be a pain if your teammate had a deck that synergized well with you and changed it to a deck that doesn't synergize that well

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  • NukedPenguinNukedPenguin Posts: 210Member
    I think it needs to be an option for sure, if your decks did synergize then there's no need to change it up. However I can think of a lot of times where I re matched with a team mate where we lost but still thought we had enough where with all to try again, would be nice to tweak your deck in cases like these.
  • brainiacboybrainiacboy Posts: 532Member
    this is a great idea. one question - can you edit your deck in the change deck section?
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